AAhh Christmas And New Year Over :-)

I had a very nice Christmas and New Year. They were both fairly quiet celebrations with family and friends. I had a week off work between Christmas and New Year (except for trying to fix a client’s WinNT4 computer). I’ll be having a few more days off here and there before school goes back at the start of February which is when I’ll begin teaching my computer classes again.

Now that my son is back living at home again I’m also looking forward to homeschooling him too. He’s doing year 11 this year and he chose home school himself, I didn’t put any pressure on him he just chose it. I’m thrilled!

I’m now co-regional director of Teen Challenge Murray Bridge with Jenny Kay. We work well together, I’m really looking forward to this year!!!! There are new programs I’d like to run, new courses to teach, it’s all good!

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