Christmas Presents Don’t Have To Break The Budget!

I love craft so once again I’m making Christmas presents! The kids and I cook gingerbread and caramel popcorn often too for presents but it’s a little harder now that a lot of my family have diabetes. We’ll have to stick to crafty things this year I think.

Other years I’ve also made vouchers for people. For my Mum I did “tea and cake at a cafe”, “Linux lessons”, “a craft and antique shop crawl”, and “a mystery trip”. I think the mystery trip was the most successful. Mum does embroidery and lace and I found out that there was an exhibition at Victor Harbour (which is also a lovely tourist spot too) so we had lunch, looked in all the shops and went to the exhibition where Mum ran into one of her old sewing teachers who she’d lost touch with. It was lovely.

At craft camp in October I learnt how to make decorative buttons

So I’ve been going a bit button crazy and making heaps. They’re made from shrink plastic. You trace the picture on the plastic, colour it in with ordinary coloured pencils, cut it out, punch holes in it and shrink it in the oven. The kids have been making them too. I’ve even made some Tuxes. I’ll take a photo of the Tuxes and post it soon. They don’t just have to be buttons you can make name tags for bags or cases, glue them onto Christmas or birthday cards, Christmas decorations, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, sun catchers I guess just about anything. I also stuck some of glass jars which I had painted.

It’s great fun and doesn’t cost much. I’ve done some for a fundraising garage sale and also I’ll be putting some in our Teen Challenge op-shop to help raise money for TC.

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