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I haven’t heard yet if I’m going to speak at the next in Dunedin, New Zealand. I was supposed to hear by 30th Sept. but that was changed to yesterday 2 Oct. I’ve been checking my emails and checking my isp’s spam filtered messages like crazy. I’m going to have to do something else today to keep my mind off it. I’ve done some gardening this morning, think I’ll write my speech for Wednesday. I’m speaking to one of our local Rotary groups and I’ll need some notes for that. I’ve also got a couple of newsletter articles to write too so that should keep me occupied.

Jessica’s been away at a St John Cadet’s camp for the weekend so it’s been quiet. She’s due back this afternoon so I should get my writing done before then 🙂 I’m sorta avoiding housework too but I’ll have to do some of that some time or else I’ll be overtaken by dirty dishes, unwashed clothes and dust and fur tribbles on the floors. I’ve got a beautiful fluffy white dog called Ezri, she’s moulting because it’s spring thus the tribbles are her contribution to the household. It’s a contribution I think I could do without though.

But I could never do without her.

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