New Spring Vegie Planting

Jessica and I started a new vegie garden bed last week. We mowed the grass and weeds, put down a layer of flattened cardboard boxes and newspaper and put compost and mulch on top. We’ve planted corn, sunflowers and pumpkins. Then we got polystyrene boxes put holes in the bottom filled them up with compost and planted one box of herbs, a couple of boxes of lettuce, beans and more pumpkins.

In our winter garden bed we’ve got broccoli, cauliflower, garlic and some flowers. There is a tiny broccoli head forming, it’s so tempting to pick it!!! but I will wait 🙂

This is the kind of school work I love doing with Jess. Now that the weather is warming up we will be out in the backyard a lot more taking care of our animals and tending our garden. Not that the garden needs a lot done to it. Being a ‘no dig’ garden it doesn’t. I also don’t pull weeds out I cover them with mulch.

My Dad gave me a pot of roma tomato seedlings which are already flowering so he said I should have tomatoes by Christmas!! yum!!

I’ve put fine wire mesh over the polystyrene boxes to keep birds out but i’ll have to find a way to keep my dog out of the main garden bed because she loves to dig and it’s right in the middle of one of her favourite running around areas too. She’s had free reign in the backyard up until now so she’s not used to being told off for running in certain places. We might be able to put up some sort of fence.

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