A New Dilemma

Well I guess this is a bit of a new dilemma for me. I’ve got so much work at the moment that I can’t do it all. My main priority is homeschooling Jess and I have to watch that I don’t take on too many things as I have a tendency to do that. Living in a rural community there aren’t many technically savvy people who are willing to give their time voluntarily so I’m getting quite a few people being referred to me.

I love the work that I do. I receive so much more than money doing voluntary work. I know that Teen Challenge is where I’m meant to be and that what I’m doing there is what I’m meant to be doing. Working with people, having input into their lives has eternal consequences!

Just recently I was asked what ‘real’ work I was doing. The person meant ‘real’ as in paid. I nicely explained that I don’t view work in that way. I do paid work as well as voluntary but I don’t necessarily choose paid work over unpaid and each form of work is equally valid and ‘real’.

I would ideally like to be able to train more people to do the sorts of things that I’m doing. At the moment the University Of The Third Age would like me to teach basic computing and also the basics of system building, if I could hand this over to someone else it would be good. (I’d give them training notes, backup and support etc)

At my church I’m training more people for operating the data projector and lyrics software, audio recording and editing and burning cds. There are many talented young people who I’m building into a very good team.

The head of Teen Challenge (for the whole state) asked me today if I could work on the website as well as teaching computing to the drug rehabilitation students…….

I said yes.

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  1. Jo McLeay

    Boy, do I relate to your dilemma. But isn’t it great to love the work that we do. You know what they say, if you want something done, ask a busy person. I have enjoyed catching up with your blog and have put you in my aggregator.

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