Re: Long Time Since Last Post

One of the problems I’ve had with Kubuntu has been the installation. I’ve tried using different CDs, doing expert install but I just can’t get it to install on some machines. Where the installation stops can be different each time I’ve tried to install it too. Oh well I keep learning 🙂

I tried emailing the last blog post and the formatting is terrible! I’d like to keep emailing posts because I find it a lot quicker and easier but if I can’t fix the formatting I won’t.

There is a big discussion on email formatting happening on the LinuxSA Talk list at the moment. LinuxSA is my local Linux User Group and is renown for its discussions as well as being very good with tech help and advice.

Latest news at the Open Education Wiki
Linux for Teachers—A Two Day Tour
An in service course for teachers is being prepared. This will be a first course for Computer Studies teachers and others using Computers in schools. It is envisaged that this may be the first of a series on a variety of FOSS topics.

More information is at the site. I think this is a great initiative! Linux won’t go into schools on a large scale until teachers know more about it and what it can do.

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