Long Time Since Last Post

It’s been a long time since my last post so I need to fill you in on
what’s been happening.

I wiped my hard drive and made it dual boot – win98 and Ubuntu Linux.
My daughter (12yrs) did the same to her computer a few weeks ago.
Personally I like the Gnome desktop which is the default desktop
environment in Ubuntu. I said previously that I’d probably use Kubuntu
at Teen Challenge but I’m changing my mind. Kubuntu probably has some
work to do before I would use it for training computers. Ubuntu has
games whereas Kubuntu doesn’t they have to be downloaded and installed
later. There are other things Kubuntu doesn’t have but I can’t remember
them at the moment.

Getting some multimedia apps to work is a bit of a challenge. I found
this helpful HowTo http://www.oldskoolphreak.com/tfiles/hack/ubuntu.txt
I’m enjoying getting things working and learning the Ubuntu/Debian way.

I’m going to be teaching a Return To The Workforce course under the ACE
(Adult Community Education) program. It’s basic computing, word
processing, spreadsheet, database, Internet and email on Linux boxes!!
I’m looking forward to it 🙂 There has been so much response that
there is a waiting list as well as another group which my sister is

Linux.conf.au will be held in Dunedin next year. The call for papers
has just gone out. I would like to speak at the Linux In Education
Mini-conference. The organisers haven’t decided what mini-conferences
they’re having yet. I hope they do have the Linux In Education one I’d
love to speak at it and go to New Zealand! So would my daughter for
that matter. I’ll have to get started on my paper.

I never thought that I’d send out an e-zine but I am. I started one for
my students. I wanted a way to keep in touch and to help them keep up
their Internet/email skills and learn new ones. It’s fun for me and I
hope interesting for them.

I’m about to go and watch one of my favourite TV shows, Spicks And
Specks on ABC. http://www.abc.net.au
It’s a music quiz show.

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