Identity Theft

If you have old user accounts on forums, web based chat rooms etc when you are no longer using them it’s best to delete these accounts. I’ve just had the unsettling experience of finding out that someone has hacked a forum where I had a user account and been posting messages in my name – … [Read more…]

Holiday Fun

This holidays we’ve fixed a couple of client’s and friend’s computers, I’m updating the server and fixing an email problem at work as well as general pc admin. We have done other stuff as well – had a couple of bbqs went to a good New Year’s Eve bash at a friend’s place, hanging out … [Read more…]

Re: Laptop Woes & Do You Do Backups?

Leaving the battery out for a few hours fixed my laptop! It got itself stuck in hibernate mode or something similar. See previous post. Apparently leaving the battery out causes it to forget what it was doing, or trying to do, and then it boots as usual. Big thanks to my sister for telling me … [Read more…]

Laptop Woes

Lastnight I rebooted my laptop and it shutdown. I realised the powerboard it was plugged into wasn’t turned on so I turned it on. When I tried to turn the laptop back on it wouldn’t turn on. A few seconds after pressing the on button it turned on by itself, flashed the caps lock, power … [Read more…]

Easter Weekend

On the AussieChix mailing list we’re discussing what geeky and non geeky things people did over Easter. Easter Friday we went to church in the morning and then spent the day together at home, unfortunately Doug had to work in the morning. We visited my Dad and then the kids went to a Youth Alive … [Read more…]