Using New Feeds

As I want to blog about more than genealogy I’m going to be using feeds which point to specific categories.  If you only want to receive blog posts about a specific subject then you may want to change the feed you’re receiving.   Genealogy Feed Open Source Crafting Feed Technology Feed

Open Source Crafting

I like this idea of expanding upon the tenets of the Open Source software movement to include crafting.  “Open source means you can look at the pattern for free, and are welcome to change it, recreate it and share your creations with the world.”  Although I don’t use patterns very much you are welcome to … [Read more…]


It was really fun taking part in the ScanFest this morning!!! What is Scanfest? It’s a time when geneabloggers, family historians, and family archivists meet online here at this blog to chat while they scan their precious family document and photos. Why? Because, quite honestly, scanning is time-consuming and boring!Scanfest is a great time to … [Read more…]

I’m A Craft Hacker

Never having done things conventionally I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a craft hacker! I’ve nearly finished Cert III in Textile Arts and often hear from my lecturers -trust you to do something ‘different’-you pick difficult things to do, don’t you I can’t help but laugh. I hate labels and putting people in boxes … [Read more…]