Home Educating, Youth Allowance & Centrelink

I’m enjoying year 11 with my son and year 8 with my daughter! Sometimes I wonder who’s learning more me or them 🙂 Doug is working his way through his yr11 maths book, learning system and network admin by helping me and reading copious books, notes, webpages etc. He’s also helping Jessica with her school … [Read more…]

TV Theme Songs

Going through my email lists this morning and someone posted a link to TV Land http://www.tvland.com I spent about an hour reminiscing over favourite TV shows and listening to their theme songs! It has a tribute to Don Knotts all this weekend too. Have fun, enjoy, a great time waster though so be warned 🙂 … [Read more…]


ScamWatch is an Australian & New Zealand government website. It’s got info on current and old scams, different types of scams – online & offline, scam games, classroom activities & scam reporting!! http://www.scamwatch.gov.au I’m impressed, I’ll be using this with my kids and also in the classroom with all the adults I teach. It’s often … [Read more…]

New School Year

My son is living at home again now and has chosen to do home school with his sister. Wow what a challenge for me year 11. I didn’t do too well the first time I tried it 🙂 They’ve both started off well. I’m happy with the first week. They’re both keen to learn and … [Read more…]

Unusual, slightly worrying website

I came across the Coca Cola Zero website today. http://thezeromovement.com Hmm well I’m not sure whether to take it very seriously or not but it still seems bizarre and slightly worrying to me. The whole site talks about having a world of zero responsibility, zero negativity, zero boundaries, no limits, nothing to hold us back…… … [Read more…]