1. A list of relations separated from the greater list looks as though it could be useful to follow up.
    I have been to a Quaker wedding. It definitely had the feel of being witnessed by the whole group.

  2. kira0030

    I’ve got a few names from the relatives list however it is harder to read than the rest of the document but I’ll keep persevering. 🙂 Kylie

  3. Today I have been researching family members in and around Todmorden in Lancashire (since 1888 Yorkshire) and many of them are Quakers. There were non-confomists in this area for centuries, including the Quakers. I was therefore interested in seeing this post.

    • Kylie,
      No I have not seen any actual records like this, so was pleased to see this one. I have seen registers online for Quaker marriages etc in the region I am investigating and today I have been reading part of a book I located online – A short history of Todmorden (Pub 1912) – which has chapters on the beginning of non-conformity in the area from the mid 1650s plus another chapter with information about churches and schools in the eighteenth century. Good background reading and also mentions some of my ancestors who were Quakers in the seventeenth century.

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