Royal Irish Constabulary Officers

I’m doing some research for a friend and one of her ancestors is listed in the book Royal Irish Constabulary Officers by Jim Herlihy.  I checked my local genealogical society library and thought I had struck gold however it was a slightly different book on the constabulary by Jim Herlihy, but it didn’t have the biographical information I am after.  I found this title on Google Books however it only has a snippet of the information I am after.  It is most tantalising.  I’ve checked other libraries in South Australia too with no joy there.

Royal Irish Constabulary Officers book


If anyone has this book could they please photograph or scan the pages with information concerning John Hayes Hatton and John Hatton and email them to me.  I am happy to reciprocate by doing look ups in Adelaide libraries or archives.



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  1. Thanks so much Judy, I hadn’t heard of Family Search’s lookup service. I’ve requested the page of the book and now await it eagerly!!!!

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